Welcome to the 'Feminist Approaches to Youth Sexualities' archive.

This archive has an extensive range of resources to explore. It includes the Women, Risk and Aids Project (1989-90) collection of over 150 interviews with young women in Manchester and London. Our curated exhibitions, which can be used as teaching resources,  bring together interview data, images, newspaper clippings, and other material to explore various themes to show how the material has been used creatively.

The site will be of particular interest to researchers working on gender and sexuality, Manchester youth culture, London youth cultures, sex education,  queer identity, AIDS, sexual health and sexual practices, feminist sociology, and research, among others. 

We hope researchers, students, youth workers, teachers, and young people will find the collections engaging, thought-provoking, and a springboard to new explorations and projects. 

You can browse the collections, use the search function, or explore our exhibition pages. If you want to add to the collection please get in touch or see our contributor page.

For more details on the project please see our about page.