This archive was created as part of the Reanimating Data project (2018-20) - a collaboration between academics, archivists, and activists interested in young women’s sexual health and empowerment. We initially worked with a set of interviews collected as part of a social research study conducted in Manchester in 1988-90: the Women, Risk & AIDS project. 

Our initial aim was to archive, share, and reanimate this material as a way to explore change and continuity in intimate lives over a 30 year period. From this starting point, we have been able to collate further collections, including the London interviews of the WRAP project, and additional related materials. We continue to add to the archive. 

Through this archive, we are building an ongoing community that asks new questions about sexual politics, social change, and feminism. Find out more on our blog

The project was initially funded by the Economic and Social Research Council's 'Transformative Research' funding stream (ES/R009538/1) and involved researchers from the Universities of Sussex and Edinburgh and the community archive Feminist Webs.

Throughout the project, we have approached all activities through a feminist ethics of care, making the personal political for a digital age. This has meant working with original consents for publication and reviewing takedown requests from participants, authors, or contributors. This project was subject to ethical review and has been approved by the Research Ethics Committees at both the University of Sussex and the University of Edinburgh. Please contact Prof. Rachel Thomson for any requests r.thomson@sussex.ac.uk