Interviews with Elena and Bethan at The Proud Trust
In 2019-2020 the ESRC funded 'Reanimating data: experiments with people, places and archives'. Part of the project involved staging a series of reanimations using data from interviews with young women from Manchester, conducted thirty years previously as part of the Women, Risk and AIDS Project (WRAP 1988-1990). Each reanimation involved a collaboration between young women, educators and researchers and used creative methods to explore the WRAP data and bring it to life in new ways. This item includes documentation and materials from workshops with a LGBT+ young women's group at the Proud Trust as part of the Reanimating Data Project. The workshops took place in Manchester (UK) between November 2019 and March 2020.
During a series of workshops led by Ali Ronan, artist and youth worker Hebe Phillips and youth workers at the Proud Trust, a group of young women took part in games and activities exploring and reusing some of the WRAP data that related to lesbian or queer desires, relationships and identities. The group were able to have in-depth discussions about a range of themes relating to the WRAP material including feminism, sex education, sexuality, social change, sexual politics and what it might mean to be a young woman.

This item includes video recordings of interviews with Elena and Bethan who had attended the young women's group at The Proud Trust. They discuss their reflections on being part of the group, what it means to be a LGBTQ+ young person today and changes that they would like to see in Relationships and Sex Education and wider society. Bethan also talks about her involvement in the Reanimating Data Project and reflects on what has (and hasn't!) changed since the WRAP interviews had been conducted 30 years ago.
The Proud Trust
Reanimating Data Project
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