Sapphormation workshop consent form
The Reanimating Data Project (2018-2020) involved a series of experiments in working with extracts from interviews with young women from 1989-1990. A workshop was held at the Sapphormation Festival for women who love women in Manchester on 2 November 2019. This a copy of the consent form required for participation in the workshop activities.
Reanimating Data Project
Niamh Moore
Reanimating Data Project
Temporal Coverage
Spatial Coverage
Greater Manchester, UK
CC BY-NC 4.0
extracted text
Reanimating Data at Sapphormation
Manchester, 2 November 2019

The Reanimating Data Project is working with interviews from a research project from 30 years ago. The
project was the Women, Risk and AIDS Project (WRAP), which involved interviews with young women aged
15-23 who lived in London and Manchester in 1989. The interviews were about their lives, their friendships
and relationships, their school and work, their families. We think these interviews are valuable and are
archiving them so others can use them.
We are also working with Feminist Webs in Manchester to explore how these stories from the past can be
brought to life now, in 2019. This is a creative project, a youth work project and also a research project. We
are working with lots of groups of women of different ages in Manchester to understand whether the
experience of being a teenage girl has changed over the past 30 years. One of our aims is to improve the
way we deliver Relationships and Sex Education and how we support girls and young women with their
current and future relationships and sexual experiences.
We are running a workshop at Sapphormation to share these stories from 30 years ago and see what
conversations these stories spark now. We will use some writing activities to explore the interviews and
what we make of them now. We would like to use any materials that get created today in the research
project too, and for this we would need your consent. But you can take part in the workshop without
having to allow your materials to become part of our project. Please answer the questions to let us know
what you do and do not consent to.
You can find out more about the project here: http://reanimatingdata.co.uk/

Consent Form
1. Can we keep a copy of the notes, writing and anything that you make in the session? We may
include these in blogs, books or articles that we write or share them at public events. We would
also like to keep them in a university archive and we may keep them in a digital archive on a
website too.*
 Yes ok
 No not ok
2. Can we take pictures during the sessions and keep these photos in a university archive* and we
may keep them in a digital archive on a website too where they can be viewed by other researchers
and used in books, articles, blogs and other things that we write about this project?
 Yes ok
 Ok if my face isn’t in the photo
 Not ok to take or keep photos of me
3. Can we keep notes about what you do in a session and keep these notes in a university archive*
and may keep them in a digital archive on a website too where they can be viewed by other
researchers? We may also publish these notes in books, articles, blogs and other things that we
write about this project. We can either use your real name or a fake name that you choose.
 Ok
 Not ok
If ok, would you like us to include your real name or give you a fake name?
 Use my real name
 Use a fake name. The fake name I would like is__________________________
*Just so that you know – anything that we put in the university archive stays there forever so that future
researchers and educators can look at the work that we have done. We may put some of this material in a
digital online archive too which anyone could find on the internet. The name of the university is the
University of Sussex.
My name: _____________________________________________________________
My contact email / phone number: __________________________________________
Today’s date: __________________________________________________________
My signature: ________________________________________________________
Thanks for filling in this form. If you change your mind about taking part or want to talk to the research
team you can email me niamh.moore@ed.ac.uk or r.thomson@sussex.ac.uk

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