The House of Sustenance
A 'black box memory poem'
This poem is about a conversation I could not have with my nanny (my now deceased maternal grand-mother in Trinidad. Nanny is a Bhojupuri Hindi word. Bhojpuri is a hybrid of Awadi Hindi from North-Eastern state of Uttar Pradesh, fro where my ancestors were Indentured under British Colonialism from 1845-1917).
It is increasingly being erased but now re-emerging in Trinidad. And this poem for want of a better phrase is a homage to say thank you to my nanny, for her labour, the labour of my ancestors for all enriching me by passing on her/their labour, food, language and so much more.
I remember visiting both my nanny and nana in the 80s and even though they did not have much, their small house had an abundant garden of infinite offerings.
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Date Created
27th November, 2017
Kathleen Boodhai
extracted text
The House of Sustenance
Food Memory Story/Poem

Nanny, I remember you
And your house of sustenance
We frequented
In in those carefree years.

Comforted by the billows of smoke
Which, through the carat-leafed roof of your tapia house
Lingered the aroma
Of mouth-watering curried cascadura.

I remember you squatting in your kitchen
As you turned the talkari in the big pot on the chula
Your reverence, in every ingredient
Now nourishes my memory

Of a dish as the native legend says
‘Once you eat the cascadura
Wheresoever you may wander
Will end your days in Trinidad’.

The poem is about a distant, childhood food and family memory. Kath remembers
the tapia house, a humble thatched-roof dwelling of her nanny’s (hindi for maternal
grandmother), where she ate talkari (hindi for a kind of dish) of curried cascadura (a
kind of freshwater fish in Trinidad) cooked on a chula (hindi for an earthen fireplace).

By Kath Boodhai

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