Waiting for Ice Cream (poem)
A poem about waiting. Written 2014 with input from trans artist Oli Rodriguez who was staying with me in Berlin at the time, to be performed by my (multi bodied) drag alter ego #Sergina.
A year later I wrote music for it together with lesbian filmmaker Kanchi Wichmann: https://soundcloud.com/ser-gina/waiting - it has been performed since by several people playing #Sergina, including Liz Rosenfeld (Berlin 2015), Thomas Doherty (Berlin 2016), Vladimir Bjelicic (Belgrade 2015, 16, 17, 18, 19), Raul de Nieves (Brooklyn, 2015), Kate Spence (Bristol, 2015), Katy Pendlebury (Brighton, 2016) - and a series of people as part of a performance as part of Brighton digital festival in 2016 - where each wore the same (sweaty) outfit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ik-KjL3Xy7A
I didn't know about it at the time, but the poem echoes Faith Wilding's 1974 performance 'Waiting': https://vimeo.com/388693458. Maybe I did see it years ago and it got stored away somewhere, to emerge again subconsciously.
This poem was performed at Rose Hill Tavern, Brighton, UK (2018)
This item was uploaded during the 'DIY Feminist Archival Practices for Researchers' (10th Feb. 2021) workshop, facilitated by Dr Sharon Webb and Dr Niamh Moore, for the AHRC-IRC funded network grant, Intersections, Feminism, Technology & Digital Humanities network (IFTe)
Date Created
August 2014
It was published in an artist publication edited by Cathy Wade for A3 projects called Delineator (2014)
Elly Clarke
extracted text
Waiting for ice cream
Waiting for the best picture
Waiting for a puppy
Waiting for pussy
Waiting for cock
Waiting for an erection
Waiting for my erection
Waiting for your erection
Waiting for her erection
Waiting for erection
Waiting for the
works to be done
Waiting for lube
Waiting for the loo
Waiting for a Revelation
Waiting for a Revolution
Waiting to Know
Waiting for Consent
Waiting for Endorsement
Waiting to be Paid
Waiting to be Looked at
Waiting to Work
Waiting to be LinkedIn
Waiting to be Endorsed
Waiting for Recommendation
to Recommend
Waiting for a boy
Waiting for a girl
Waiting for someone
Waiting for a boyfriend
Waiting for his lover
Waiting for the Page To Load
Waiting for a reply
Waiting for a Text message
Waiting for word
Waiting for your Whats app response
(because you read mine thirty
seconds ago)
Waiting for OkCupid
Waiting for Scruff
Waiting to Download
Waiting to Upload
Waiting to Share
Waiting to
Be Shared

Waiting to Look
Waiting to Cruise
Waiting to Browse
Waiting to Surf
Waiting to Serve
Waiting to Be Served
Waiting to turn around
Waiting for you
to turn around
Waiting to wear yellow
Waiting to write it down
Waiting to sing
Waiting to be sung to
Waiting to move
Waiting to fly
Waiting to fly high
Waiting to fly
higher than anyone else
Waiting to do it
Waiting to see you do it
Waiting to do it to you
Waiting for you to see me doing it
Waiting for us
to do it
Waiting to read your message
Waiting for you to see mine
Waiting for the rain to stop
Waiting for coffee
Waiting for a piss
Waiting for the two ticks
Waiting to walk
Waiting to sit down
Waiting to get off
Waiting to put my coat on
Waiting for my nails to dry
Waiting for it to charge
Waiting to come up
Waiting to come down
Waiting for my stop
Waiting for a massage
Waiting for the ski lift
Waiting for my wine
Waiting for the next one
Waiting for a fag
Waiting for inspiration
Waiting to be
Waiting for a call
Waiting for a flat

Waiting till it's finished
Waiting till next week
Waiting for an email
Waiting for my hair to grow
Waiting to grow up
Waiting to eat
Waiting at the crossroads
Waiting for Sebastian
Waiting for a ride
Waiting for the sun
Waiting for the suncream
Waiting for you
to put the sunscreen on me
Waiting to come
Waiting to go
Waiting for your's
Waiting for mine
Waiting for the strongest,
most powerful one ever
Waiting for an hour
Waiting to play
Waiting on a hard chair
Waiting to record
Waiting to rehearse
Waiting to do it again
Waiting to taste
Waiting to taste you
Waiting to be tasted
Waiting in the garden
Waiting in bed
Waiting for tomatoes
Waiting at the entrance
Waiting by the tradesman’s entrance
Waiting by the lion
Waiting by the clock
Waiting on all fours
Waiting with an apple
Waiting with a red coat
Waiting with a blue scarf
Waiting to breathe
Waiting till we leave
Waiting till we're there
Waiting to sleep
Waiting to wake
Waiting to feel awake
Waiting to be awoken
Waiting to be moved
for thunder
Waiting for the right heels

Waiting for the next time
Waiting for the first time
Waiting to make a plan
Waiting for the next episode
Waiting till it's dark
Waiting for breakfast
Waiting to get well
Waiting for a donut
Waiting for things to be good
Waiting for a holiday
Waiting for a good song
Waiting on the phone
Waiting on hold, listening to the
hold music
Waiting for an amazing fuck
Waiting for success
Waiting to fuck again soon
Waiting to be blown away
Waiting for her
Waiting for them
Waiting for desire
Waiting for touch
Waiting for tongue
Waiting for a word
Waiting for a move
Waiting to
make a move
Waiting to dance
Waiting to dance again
Waiting to say hi
Waiting to touch you on your shoulder
Waiting for a break
Waiting till the end of the performance
Waiting to see
Waiting to tell
Waiting to hear
Waiting till they've left
Waiting to find out
to live life to the full
Waiting to reach the top
Waiting until the descent
Waiting for the move
Waiting for you
for you

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