Interview with Tammy, 20, White British, working class. Women, Risk and AIDS Project, Manchester, 1989. Anonymised version (Ref: EDD135)
Anonymised transcript of an interview with Tammy, aged 20 living and working in Manchester. Currently working as a lunch-time organiser in a local school; studied psychology and sociology at college; also did community care course. Has also worked with people with disabilities and elderly people in care, found the latter hard when people died. Living at home with parents and paying them rent, no plans to move out for now, and has enough money for her needs. Interview focuses on recent end of long term relationship with boyfriend since age of 13, and attempts at dating since. Ex-boyfriend had 'cancer of the knee' and had his leg amputated aged 18. Not obvious that this impacted the end of the relationship, which she describes as ending because of lack of a 'mental connection', growing apart, due to his lack of initiative getting a job, perhaps 'moody' and withdrawn, not exactly clear whether just post amputation or before. Includes brief account of one night stand without contraception aged 14, which she is ashamed of (possibly not only because of lack of contraception but age suggests that she was also going out with her boyfriend at that time, and later in the interview she appears opposed to being unfaithful), and not shared story with parents, who she is otherwise very open with about sex. Otherwise committed to safe sex. Was going to have sex with a guy she met at a party recently but he wouldn't wear a condom and so she didn't continue with sex with him - on the pill, but concerned specifically about AIDS rather than STIs. Discussed learning the 'facts' about AIDS (and drugs) from her parents, esp father. Implication of siblings but little mention of them. Does describe some nights out with friends, but feels, because of her long term boyfriend, that she has let friendships lapse, and so does not have so many people to go out with. Some discussion that she could invite friends from school she has not seen for a while to a 21st birthday party, but not so easy to call up to go out with. Discusses not looking for a relationship, but wanting a bit more 'mentally' going on in order to have sex.
Women, Risk and Aids Project (WRAP, 1989-90)
The Reanimating Data Project (2018-20)
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Greater Manchester, UK
CC BY-NC 4.0

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