Live recording of the post show discussion for The Reanimating project and a blog post by original Women, Risk & AIDS Project team members, Rachel Thomson and Sue Scott.
In 2019-2020 the ESRC funded 'Reanimating data: experiments with people, places and archives'. Part of the project involved staging a series of reanimations using data from interviews with young women from Manchester, conducted thirty years previously as part of the Women, Risk and AIDS Project (WRAP 1988-1990). Each reanimation involved a collaboration between young women, educators and researchers and used creative methods to explore the WRAP data and bring it to life in new ways.
This is a video recording of a post show discussion and Q&A after the first live performance of The Reanimating Project. The performance was devised by students at the Women's Theatre Society using three interviews from the Women, Risk and AIDS Project (MIS09, MAG50, MAN99) as part of the Reanimating Data Project. The post show discussion is with performance directors Danielle Carbon-Wilson and Elena Brearly, the cast, two of the original WRAP researchers, Rachel Thomson and Sue Scott and Ester McGeeney, researcher for the Reanimating Data Project. The panel discuss the orignal research, the performance, how the performance was devised and what may have changed when it comes to women and sexuality over the past thirty years. Also included is a blog post by Rachel Thomson and Sue Scott reflecting on the performance and themes of gender, sexuality and social change.
The Women's Theatre Society
The Reanimating Data Project
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Manchester, UK
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