Billie's Bounce
This is a torn copy of the jazz standard “Billie’s Bounce.” It is a 12-bar blues from the 1940s by the saxophonist Charlie Parker. I tore it by accident while pulling it from under a stack of other music books. I was impatient and therefore didn’t move the other books that were on top of it. I was impatient because I am angry with myself and my inability to improvise.
What does this have to do with feminism? I played [redacted] as a teenager and had the opportunity to learn to improvise. However, women were [redacted] men. Usually, only the most [redacted] these women fought with each other. It was [redacted] At the time I had a [redacted] talented saxophone player. I wasn’t a “natural musician.”

After a gap of seventeen years, I return to the challenge of improvisation.
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