Reanimating Data Project Collection

 The Reanimating Data Project (2018-2020) (RAD) - was a collaboration between academics, archivists, and activists interested in young women’s sexual health and empowerment. We archived with a set of interviews collected as part of a feminist social research study conducted in Manchester and London in 1988-90: the Women, Risk & AIDS project (WRAP). Our aim was to archive, share and reanimate this material as way of exploring change and continuities in intimate lives over a 30 year period. Over the course of the project we experiment with ways to reanimate the archive collection.

The RAD project was funded by the Economic and Social Research Council and involves the Universities of Sussex and Edinburgh and the community archive Feminist Webs.

The RAD project team includes (at the University of Sussex) Rachel Thomson, Sharon Webb, Ester McGeeney and Rosie Gahnstrom (at the University of Edinburgh) Niamh Moore (and at Feminist Webs) Alison Ronan and Niamh Moore (again). Rachel Thomson was also part of the original WRAP project team in 1988/9.

You can browse objects related to this project here.