Over the course of the Reanimating Data project, (2018-20) we carried out a number of experiments that use our material on youth sexualities. Our aim was to explore different ways of accessing archive collections and methods to make them available to audiences in new and novel ways. Experiments include creating a soundscape and installation using interview sound bites, engaging with a theatre group who transformed some interviews into a performance, and the creation of a feminist chatbot that allows users to ask the archive questions. Some of these experiments are captured in the following blog posts. Over time we will create exhibitions within FAYS to link the experiments and the archived items used. We welcome collaborators to share how they are using the archived items.

Re-performance of WRAP material with youth and student group, see:

'Experiments with re-animating data'

'Standing on Shoulders'

Creating connections with past and present through sound installations, see:


Building a Feminist Chatbot with the 'Feminist Approaches to Computational Technology' Network, see:

'A Feminist Chatbot?'

'Feminist chatbot 2: front /back, questions/ answers; now/then'

From data to poetry, see:

'Making poems with data and data with poems'

Connecting Archives:

Feminist Webs

Other Archives